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     Welcome to our website. In 2008 we moved to Greenwood BC. Since then we have been exploring in the Boundary district, and have discovered that this area is very rich in history. We enjoy touring around the countryside, searching ghost towns, old abundant mines, and natural attractions. This part of the country is filled to the brim with such attractions. As we explore and search such attractions we would like to share our experiences with you.  Please check our website on a regular basis, since we will be updating our information and photos as we experience them.  Don’t forget to email us and leave a comment.   
                                                                                   Vic & Monika

Greenwood History
     In 1891 copper and gold ore was discovered not far from the present city of Greenwood.  In 1895 Robert Wood purchased some land, built a General Store, and named the settlement Greenwood. With the discovery of rich copper ore Greenwood started to grow, and within two years the region became a booming city. In 1897 Greenwood was incorporated as a city, and by 1899 the population reached 3,000. The city had many fine hotels, a newspaper, an opera house, and other businesses that served many other mining camps in the area. Greenwood became the economic and social hub for the entire boundary region.
In 1901 a new smelter plant was commissioned at Anaconda (a town next to Greenwood) processing copper and gold ore from the nearby Mother lode mine and a few other mines in the area. The smelter's 121 foot brick smoke stack, which stands over the city, is one of the few left in the province. The stack, a mountain of black slag, and a few pieces of foundation are a reminder of the early days of mining. In 1918, the market died, the smelter closed, and Greenwood was virtually deserted.


                                                                                                                                                                                                              City Hall (1902)

In 1942, with the start of the Second World War, over 1,000 Japanese/Canadians arrived by train to be interned in the vacant houses and shops at Greenwood. The City of Greenwood was saved from the ghost  town status that befell every other mining community  in the region. Greenwood was once again a bustling community until the end of the war, in 1945, when many residents again left.                                          
Today Greenwood's population is close to 650 and has evolved into a historic attraction. Many of the turn of the century buildings have been restored, including: the Post Office, Courthouse (which is now City Hall), MacArthur Center, as well as many of the businesses on main street. Greenwood's City Hall was built in 1902 and housed the Supreme Court of British Columbia until 1953. There is an old jail in the basement. The Greenwood City Hall was used in a court room setting for the movie "Snow Falling on Cedars".

                Sacred Heart Church (1899)                              Fire Hall (1897)                                           Windsor Hotel (1899)



                Post Office (1915)                            Fort Greenwood                                               Pacific Hotel                   


Greenwood's Post Office was built in 1913 and with its brass mail boxes and original wickets is still being used today.                                                                                       West Kootenay Power and Light Company  substation was built in 1906 to supply power to the smelter. When the smelter closed, the old substation became unsuitable to distribute power to the City of Greenwood and closed in 1922. 


          SubStation (1906)                            Log Home (1898)                    St. Jude's Anglican Church (1901)      


Built in 1913 this tunnel went underneath the CPR trestle. It was then buried and a new  double tunnel was built to replace it. In 1992 the double tunnel was demolished and
this tunnel was once again uncovered. In 1998, as a millennium project, committees and citizens of Greenwood  painted flags on the tunnel to hide the graffiti.

                           CPR Tunnel                                           Remains of the Anaconda Smelter                      

                              Slag Pile from the Smelter                                    The Stack                            


Greenwood Fire Hall was known as #10 Building during the Internment years
The Pacific Hotel was used as #1 Building and housed over 200 Japanese/Canadian Internees. This  building  was also called Harbor Hotel for the movie "Snow Falling on Cedars". The Windsor Hotel was called the San Piedro Island Inn in the movie "Snow Falling on Cedars".

                      Rendell Block (1899)                                     A Rock with Pyrite and Galena

The Rendell Building featured an elaborate turret during the earlier years which was removed in the 1950's. This building was the #4 Building and was used to house the community baths during the internment years. It was Fisk's Marine Supply and Hardware for "Snow Falling on Cedars", and also housed the production offices during the filming of the movie.   



      North Greenwood                                What is left of the Box Factory                               The Phoenix Bird


               Here is a couple videos on Greenwood


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